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Aqua Media is a water solutions company. Providing its clientele with the optimal solutions to their water related needs. From the development of sewage treatment plants to recycling of rain water Aqua Media has the design knowledge and expertise to accomplish these tasks...
Plant Solutions Aqua Medias plant designs are capable of meeting your businesses water requirements. From sewage treatments to desalination systems, the design and manufacture of these products will be customised to meet your specifications.
Blackwater / sewage treatment plants
Desalination Systems
Aquamedia provides a range of customised sewage and blackwater treatment plants. The designs are aimed at treating polluted water and converting it into an effluent that can then be safely introduced back into a water system. These designs can be implemented within an industrial or commercial setting. Aqua Media has a long standing record with many industrial clients who have sucsessfully implemented these systems.
Drinking / Potable water
Water supply is a problem of worldwide concern: more than 1 billion people do not have reliable access to clean drinking water. Water is a particular problem for the developing world, but scarcity also impacts all societies. Water purification and desalination technology can be used to convert brackish ground water or seawater into drinking water. The challenge is to do so sustainably, with minimum cost and energy consumption, and with appropriately accessible technologies. Aqua Media have built many Water purification plants, that produce: • Ultra pure water from Tap water. • De mineralized water from Tap water. • Drinking water from Brackish water or well water. • Softened water from Tap Water. • Drinking water from Sea Water. The process used is membrane based with energy recovery on sea water desalination plant.
One difficulty of acceptable water purity for human consumption is suspended fine solids, bacterial contamination and the control of downstream bacterial growth. Dissolved, suspended and organic materials occur in water both as the product of material decomposition and pollution. Water treatment can be defined as any procedure or method used to alter the composition or “purity” of a water supply.
Rainwater / Grey Water Recycling
Rain water harvesting is now considered an essential part of sustainable green building design. Rainwater harvesting systems are increasingly being incorporated into commercial and public-sector developments such as office buildings and school or hospital extensions. Rainwater harvesting or known sometimes as grey water recycling systems are often installed to help achieve various credits for sustainability standards such as BREEAM or Green Star. Ever wondered how you could better use the rain that falls on your buildings roof space? The answer is an AM Rain cycler. The rainwater is harvested from the roof via collection points and stored in a tank at ground level or the basement. We have built systems from 1000 L/hr to 20 000 L/hr. We can supply complete, turnkey systems including pumping systems, FRP/GRP Panel tanks and Building pump supply systems.
Desalination and demineralization
Seawater Desalination:
Aqua Media cc has built a number of Seawater desalination plants ranging in size from 1 m3/hr to 50 m3/hr. In most cases these have been turnkey projects that include the raw water pumping, pre treatment and post treatment systems. Wastewater Recycling:
Aqua Media has succesfully applied membrane process technology to various fields of wastewater re use and recovery. Industrial Water:
We design and build Membrane (Reverse Osmosis) based systems from Two Pass RO (High Specification water e.g. automotive Paint systems and Water for injection.) to Demineralised water for use in medicines, drinking water, cooling water recovery, household cleaner make up and laboratory reagent requirements. Potable or Drinking water:
The removal of Total dissolved solids from Brackish water (WHO class 1, 2 or 3) to Nitrate reduction.
Effluent Treatment Plants
Each plant is specifically designed to meet the Local authorities waste water disposal standards. The Clients needs are first determined before a process is designed for each parameter that requires addressing. The plant is then fabricated and assembled on site. Careful attention to control and monitoring instrumentation is made. Unit processes can be supplied as a single system or a number of processes which could incorporate: • Raw water pumping • Chemical addition • Mixing/ Coagultaion & Flocculation • Clarification/ Settling systems • Dissolved Air Flotation • pH Correction • Stabilization • Sterilization (Chlorination/ Ozonation/ Ultraviolet irradiation.) • Coalescing • Bio remediation/Reclamation. • Lamella clarifiers and packing.
Other Solutions
Anodes and Ultrafiltration for Electrodeposition (E Coat) paint Services include the supply and engineering of Tubular Anodes and both 4” and 8” Ultrafiltration membranes to the automotive and parts and accessories industry. Aqua Media have a 25 year history of supplying and engineering these systems for the automotive industry throughout the world.
Components / Replacement parts
Aqua Media can provide a range of replacement parts to suppliments the designs. These include ultrafiltration membranes, cartridge filters and UV sterilisers.
Water Treatment Media
Aqua Media cc supply the following types of media for water treatment in South Africa: Filtration: • Silica Sand: Various grades. • Hydro Anthracite: 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm • AFM glass media: Grades 1,2 & 3. • Filtralite expanded clay media: 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm. Biological systems: • Levapor biomedia for fluidised bioreactors. • AMB: A harder biomedia used in small to medium sized package sewage plants. • AFM glass media for filtration of final effluent from sewage systems.
Reverse Osmosis Equip
Aqua Media grease traps combine the use of gravity separation, biochemical treatment and mechanical gap filtration to achieve a very high degree of treatment efficiency in the removal of FOGs.
Multimedia Filters
The MMF consists of a carbon steel or fiberglass pressure vessel with a false bottom supporting strainers or underdrain sections; necessary interior lining and epoxy coated exterior. The selection of the filtration media varies with the characteristics of the water to be treated. The most common media consists of coarse sand, Topaz, fine sand and anthracite layers. Face piping with automatic valves, control panel to control the automatic or manual backwash sequence are a part of the MMF supply.
Typical Applications • Process ingredient water • Rinse water • Food ingredient water • Safe drinking water • Boiler feed water • Ion exchange pre-treatment
Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory equipment for onsite testing: Available on request.
Commercial Solutions
Pool Filtration systems
Aqua Media cc design and build commercial filtration systems for large pools to the German DIN 19643 Standard. The filter tanks used come in a range of sizes from 520 mm to 2200 mm in diameter. Two types of filtration are used; Dual Media or AFM glass media. AFM is typically used for filtration in Aquariums, Large commercial pools and on Spa’s or Vitality pools. We also do commercial fountains. Complete hydraulic design and installation can be offered for either FINA standard pools or water features.
Sterilization systems offered:
• Chlorination
• Ultraviolet Sterilization
• Ozonation
• AOP systems
• FRP pump strainers 30 m3/hr to 250 m3/hr
• FRP filter vessels with diameter of 520mm to 2200mm
• Lateral 420mm manhole available
• Pressure rating 2.5 bar, 4 bar and 6 bar
• Pool pumps 0,55 kw to 7,5 kw
• Lateral 420
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